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    Help with a calculation

    Chaya Gordon Burstyn

      I am trying to sum 3 different calcualtions together.


      I created this formula


      (5.98*[Scan Quantity Full Price Accents])+(2.99*[Scan Quantity 50% Discount])+(1.5*[Scan Quantity 75% Discount])


      or this one, which are both basically the same thing


      [Revenue HD 50%]+[Revenue HD 75% ]+[Revenue HD Full Price]


      both say that they are valid calculations--basically I am trying to add together 3 other calucualtions that I have already created, all of which are working.


      When I pull either of these calcualtions into my worksheet no data shows up even though they say they are valid calculations.  What am I doing wrong?


      Alternatively, I do have each of those elements accross a row in my worsheet, is there a way to just add accross each row without creating a calcualtion to do it?


      I tried doing it by selecting "show row grand totals" but nothing actually shows up in my worsksheet?