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    More Tableau 8.0 Materials

    Dustin Smith

      In addition to the attached 8.0 PDF's, checkout the videos and more specific info. below (these are in the Beta members only area, for those that don't have access shoot me an email).


      Now that Tableau 8.0 has been launched, all of the once gated Beta materials are available on the regular website:


      Tableau 8.0


      Tableau Desktop

      • Combine and Compare Sets
        Create new sets, add and remove data using the tooltip, and combine and compare multiple set.

      • Visually Grouping Data
        Visually group dimension members into new categories and even group across mutliple dimensions.

      • Tiled and Floating Dashboard Objects
        Dashboard objects can be tiled or floating. Tiled objects are arranged in a grid while floating objects can be layered on top of other objects.

      • Forecasting
        Estimate future values by projecting data values into the future based on historical data.

      • Marks Card Changes
        Finely control mark properties including showing mulitple fields on labels.

      • Connecting to Google Analytics
        Connect to Google Analytics data.

      • Connecting to Salesforce.com
        Connect to Salesforce.com, force.com, and database.com data.

      • Connecting to Google BigQuery
        Connect to Google BigQuery data.

      • New Visualization Types
        Learn how to create treemaps, bubble charts, and more.


      Tableau Server

      • Authoring on Server and Mobile
        Create and edit views on Tableau Server directly in the browser without the desktop tool.

      • Server Sidebar and Navigation
        Search and filter content to quickly find what you're looking for.

      • Subscriptions
        Subscribe to content that you want delivered as an image to your email inbox on a schedule.

      • JavaScript API
        Use the API to integrate Tableau visualizations into your own web applications.