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    Gantt chart for 3 dimensional data

    Praveen Kumar

      Correct me if I have not followed proper steps. I am new to tableau


      I have set products (P1, P2) , having different set of Reasons (Reason1,Reason2 & Reason3) for different weeks (11/18/2012 and 11/25/2012).

      Each reason will have distribution of reason counts in those Products. (eg: 'Reason1' has 1,2,3,4,5 as min,25%tile,median,75%tile & max respectively).

      (Ref: gantt_book.xlsx)

      I could draw till in the attached workbook. (gantt_view). But, i want to have gantt chart on each of these reason lines to represent its min,25%tile,median,75%tile & max


      Please help if anyone knows how to do it.