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    Tableau Stop Torturing Your OS X Inclined Users

    Stephen Hellyar

      I have Windows for one reason and one reason only, Tableau.  Otherwise, I would never touch it.


      It still confounds me that Tableau has not developed an OS X compatible version of Tableau Reader, Desktop or Server.    


      Just look through the Tableau site, Apple products and software are everywhere (MacBookPros, Thunderbolt Displays, iPhones, iPads, and Safari).  They are so prevalent you would think Tableau is compatible with OS X. 


      I don't even want to talk about the iPad app.  That's just cruel, so close yet still so far away for us MBP and iMac users. 


      Please get off the fence Tableau and develop a OS X compatible version.  At the very least give us an OS X compatible version of Reader.  


      Thank you.