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    Google Chrome Pop Up Question

    David Delafield

      Hi everyone,


      We have a multiple worksheet workbook and we're using small thumbnail images to act like report links.  When a user clicks on the thumbnail an new window pops up with the Tableau view.  Everything works perfect except when using Chrome the view opens in a very small window in the top left of the screen.  The user then has to maximize the window.  Doesn't happen in IE or on tablet.  Just on chrome on a desktop.  I've played with several machines and happens on every machine.  Changed the posting of the workbook to be with and without tabs.  Same issues.


      Ideally, all these windows would just open as a new Chrome tab or a reasonable sized pop up.  Image below.Capture.JPG

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          Russell Christopher

          Hey David -


          Not too long ago (week before last, I think), Chrome dropped an update which causes this to occur with all pop-up windows - it's a browser thing, not a Tableau thing.


          That being said, they released another update yesterday or today that solves the problem. Have your folks go to the "About Google Chrome" page in their browser, update, and all will be well.


          Hope this helps!