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    Table Calculation - Compute using advanced

    Michel Caissie

      Hi everyone,


      I am analysing log files which gives me the list of calls on a servers cluster with the response time for each call, and a timestamp.

      I am already marking each calls on a time axis, where the size of the mark (circle) is dependent of the responseTime. I would like to add a vertical axis which would indicate the total number of calls on the server at a specific time. The goal is to be able to see how busy was the server when the call occured.


      In my exemple, you can see the first part on the sheet  "CallsPerHourSizeByTS".


      What i want is to apply on the line of marks the same curve as i have on sheet "TotalCallsPerServer".


      On sheet CallsPerHourSizeByTSHeightByTotal is my last failed attempt.


      My question is, how to configure the table calculation TotalCalsPerServer  so i can place the mark on the vertical axis according to the Total number of calls occuring on the server at that time.