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    Re: Customer buying Pattern

    Joshua Milligan



      Here's something to get you going.  I used a couple of table calculations to determine the first purchase of a unique product (excluding the first purchase ever for a customer).


      The visualization needs a bit of work and ultimately what you end up will depend on what exactly you want to do.  I've attached the workbook so you can see what I did.  Feel free to ask any questions!


      Buying Pattern.png



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          Ambi Nair

          Hello Joshua,


          Thank you so much for your help.

          1) I do have few queries though.If you see the more detail view "A1" has brought product 1 and 2 at the same time so they both have to be the first purchase for "A1"

          To tackle this i ,modified the formula for "Previous Date" lil bit from "LOOKUP(MIN([BOOKINGS_DATE]), -1)" to "LOOKUP(MIN([BOOKINGS_DATE]), -2 )"

          But i realized this will not help since there are few customers who have brought more than 2 products as there first purchase on a single day. (for eg "A31 & "A33")need help for this.


          2) Some how the "Visualization" tab and "More Detail" Tab seems not be in sync.Eg For "A1" show p1 and p3 as first purchase in the visualization.Please advice where i have gone wrong.


          3) Idea for this view is to know how many % of customers buy a particular product as their first purchase and which product,as their second purchase(More like product pattern) and so on...


          Please advice.