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    Other Forums That Have Cool Features

    Dustin Smith

      Discourse has been in the news lately (thanks Joe!).  I took a look at it when it first was launched and really liked some of the features/implementations.  I was thinking that a thread about other forums/support communities might be really useful, especially in the context of ways we might augment the Tableau forums.  I also thought this is a great way to introduce people to the Community Canvas space.  In the course of this conversation if someone sees something that they think we should absolutely look into implementing then definitely create an idea in the Canvas space since Tracy and I are hoping to use that list of Ideas as a big part of our overall "Bugs to Fix and Features to Potentially Implement" master plan.


      I'll start.


      I'm a big fan of the following communities for the following reasons:

      • Reddit: They do a great job of surfacing popular content through community voting.  Also the ability to filter results is straight forward and very effective.
      • MetaFilter: This is an older community and really bare-bones from a design standpoint, however the level of discourse is phenomenal and some people have been on there for years and you can tell their is a strong sense of belonging which mirrors the Tableau Community in my opinion.  Plus Adam Savage hangs out there so it has to be top quality, right?
      • Apple Support Communities: As far as other Jive communities go, Apple is the cream of the crop for me.  I love the attention to design as well as the clear structure of their designated areas.  I go here on a weekly basis to get inspired and explore the subtle things that make their forums such a great experience.


      Specific to Discourse:


      I like their use of mini-avatars in the comment responses.

      2-6-2013 8-33-47 AM.png


      Their voting functionality is really straightforward, but no surprise since it's related to Stack.

      2-6-2013 8-33-55 AM.png


      The small panel below a question that gives basic info. is pretty cool and is subtle enough I don't feel like it gets in the way.

      2-6-2013 8-34-58 AM.png


      Definitely a fan of the filtering capabilities at the top.  Simple. Clean.  Totally self explanatory.

      2-6-2013 8-35-55 AM.png