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    I need to have the Show Grand Totals option display the sum of my column

    Paul Charbonneau

      I'm trying to get a Grand Total of Column values to display the sum of each of the counts from each of the columns that are displayed.

      From what I'm seeing on my chart, all but 1 column is doing the right thing.


      The column is a Contribution to Index equation:

      ([% of Current total]-[% Baseline of total])*(LN([% of Current total]/[% Baseline of total]))


      So when it shows the grand total, I think it is performing this equation against the grand totals for the % of Current Total and % Baseline of Total columns, which of course are both 100%, giving me a 0 value.


      I need it to sum the actual values that are in the Contribution to Index column.


      Any thoughts on how to do this?