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    Moving Average and reference lines on the same line graph

    Greg Blackshields

      Hi there, I'm attempting to add 3 reference lines on the same line graph.

      The graph is to show sales over the qtr [ of qtd Q113 and full qtr Q112 as a trend on daily sales ]


      I have one reference line that is a constant- which is fine.

      But I need a further 2 reference lines, one for QTR Avg Q112 [ which should be a constant line also] and the other for Q113 in which the avg will change each day.


      I know I can add a 2nd refernce line for Q112 as a constant but how do I intergrate the Q113 qtd avg that will change after each days sales?


      If I add in the calc I have for the Q113 avg then dual axis the graph it does not give me that moving line, plus I have an issue in that the calc is based on the year and in another table this is fine as I am only showing 2013, but this trend graph needs to shwo 2012 and 2013  and I need the AVG line from the calc to only show as 2013!!


      So I think I have 2 issues

      - one how do I amend the calc to only show as 2013 avg

      - how do I add this as a straight line reference on the graph that will move each day based on the prior days bookings