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    Displaying customer segmentation on pie chart

    Sneha Shrungarpawar

      Hi All,

                I am having 2 fields i.e, CUSTOMERID and ORDERID. I have segmented the customers as new,repeat and loyal according to the number of orders they have placed.


                I have created the calculated field CUSTOMER TYPE as

                If COUNTD(ORDERID)   == 1

                then 'NEW'

                elseif COUNTD(ORDERID)   == 2

                then 'REPEAT'

                elseif COUNTD(ORDERID)   >=3 

                then 'LOYAL'



                Now I want to create the pie chart showing the total number of customers in each segment.For that I am placing the field CUSTOMER TYPE on color shelf and COUNTD(CUSTOMERID) on angle shelf and lable shelf. But by this I am getting only one color in pie chart.When I am trying to place the field CUSTOMERID on level of detail shelf then pie chart is  reflecting correct output but the lables are not correct as it is showing lable for every customerid. If I remove the  CUSTOMERID from level of detail shelf then the pie chart shows only one color.


      I don't know why it is happening.


      I am attaching the dummy workbook.