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    How to mix aggregate and non-aggregate measure in Calculated field?

    Nicolas Garcias

      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to get this calculated field but I only get an error message "'cannot mix aggregate non-aggregate if expression' "


      IF(ISNULL([file_creation_date_in_store])) THEN

          IF(DATEADD('hour',-4,NOW()) -[evidence_date])<MAX(([Time Creation]))

              THEN "- "+STR(MAX(([Time Creation]))+" minutes"

              ELSE "+ " +STR(MAX(([Time Creation]))+" minutes"






      Time Creation is an calculated field with this formula:


      (DATEADD('hour',-[time difference],NOW()) -[evidence_date])*24*60


      How would I get the Time Creation max in the first calculated field?


      Any insight, will be really helpful.