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    13 "Month" calendar

    Chris Fort

      Anyone use a 13 month calendar ?


      We have 13 periods (months), 4 weeks each (except for years when the 13th period is 5 weeks)  in our fiscal year.


      I have a time table in my database that allows me to get the appropriate information regarding weeks, periods, etc., without doing any fancy date math or calculated fields. So, I can get all of the relevant date information BUT, what I want to take advantage of is Tableau's continuous date funtionality that allows for showing all 13 months, even with missing data, as well as the trend line capabilities. These are lost when using my own time table to create the 13 periods.


      I could create all combinations of periods, etc. in the database/view to fill the missing values, but the data explosion may kill performance.


      Any thoughts?