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    Is it possible to show the moving average using values not on a window (w/o using WINDOW_AVG)

    Tremain Keith

      I want to show the moving average from a specific date that may or may not be included in the user's date range selection (what wouldn't be shown in the window view).


      If this isn't enough information to go on I will try to explain more in dept however, it is hard to explain what I'm trying to do.


      Thanks in advance.



      Ive attach a sample workbook. I want to find the moving average of the Defect Containment Rate (DCR). For example if I select the From Date as March, 2012 and the To Date as January, 2013 it shows the moving avg above April 2012 as the same as the DCR (which is incorrect for what I am trying to do). I'm positive this is because WINDOW_AVG says that there are no data entries before April, 2012. ( it only collects data that is visible on the window). However if you change the from date to March, 2012 the Moving Avg above April, 2012 changes because it includes March 2012 in the calculation. I want to know is there a way of including the data (e.g. March 2012 data) of items not shown on the window.


      I hope this explains what I am trying to do better.


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