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    Tableau Query ALIAS Problem

    chandrashekhar vastrad


          test100.name AS none_name_nk



        GROUP BY



      In the above query I wanted to remove the " none_name_nk" .

      But i tried with the .tdc with

      <customization name='SQL_COLUMN_ALIAS' value='N' />


      Eventhough I am getting the above query with ALIAS AS column name as "test100.name AS none_name_nk"

      Here actually I wanted to remove the ALIAS string "AS none_name_nk" in the query.


      Please do needful to solve above problem.

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Chandrashekhar,

          Tableau will always use aliases for column expressions, and there is currently no way to turn those off. You can however control which characters are considered valid in identifiers by editing the value for SQL_SPECIAL_CHARACTERS in the TDC file you are creating. You can also control how identifiers are quoted by setting SQL_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR.

          I hope this helps,