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    Tableau Table values in as NULL

    chandrashekhar vastrad

      Tableau Table values in as NULL


      When I Tableau execute following query on my database




          test100.name AS none_name_nk



        GROUP BY





          1 AS Number_of_Records

          ,test100.id AS id

          ,test100.name AS name





      Above quires ran successfully, but when I go through "View Data ->Underlying Data" not able to see values in the Tableau view(Please refer attached screenshot and work book also )


      Only  I can see is the count (as 1).


      Please help me out.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi I am just learning SQL myself, so I don't have an answer for you, but I do have two comments:


          1. I've never seen that [1] & [2] structure in Tableau. I usually see things like UNION ALL between tables.
          2. The workbook you posted doesn't have any data in it because it is a twb. It needs to be a packaged workbook (twbx) for us to open it.


          Hope this helps. (At least it bumped it to the front of the line.)