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    Grouping the values and showing in the Pie Chart.

    kranthi kumar

      Hi Everybody,


           I am new to Tableau, Please help me with the below issue.

      I have a table with a set of data which contains many customers, they need to be categorized into 2 by grouping. See the below image.


      In the above image I need to group all the customers with name External as Distributor and with name Internal as Affiliate. Please provide a solution in doing this..


      Thanks in advance,

      kranthi kumar G.

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          Jim Wahl

          Hi Kranthi,


          There are a few ways to group. One of the easiest is just to select the fields in a legend and right-click "group".


          However, since you have so many customers, it might be better to create a calculated field: Customer Type

          IF CONTAINS([Customer Name], "External") THEN "Distributor"

          ELSEIF CONTAINS([Customer Name], "Internal") THEN "Affiliate"

          ELSE "Other"



          Now you can double-click Customer Type and double click sales and select pie chart (if you must ).


          You can also crate a hierarchy my dragging the field Customer Type on top of Customer. Now when you add Customer Type to your view, it will have a "+" sign that you can click to drill down the the customer level.




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