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    passing date parameter in URL

    Karl Jensen

      I have a report, where the user choses a date range by entering them in as parameters.  I then call a different Tableau report by passing a URL as follows:


      http://edwtabprod/views/PhysicianBloodUtilization/Physician?:embed=y&Physician=<Parameters.Physician>&Date%20Start=<Parameters.Date Start>&Date%20End=<Parameters.Date End>


      I added the last part above to push the dates to the child report.  The problem is.... I get an error.  I am guessing it has to do with formatting.  But the Parent and Child report parameters are both set up as dates.  Is there something more I need to do to get this to work correctly?


      This is the error I get:

      tableau error.jpg

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          Karl Jensen

          I think I figured it out.  The key is in the error (imagine that!).  It says, "Invalid value in '12/1/2009' for the filter 'Date Start'"

          it is passing the date in MM/DD/YYYY format, while Tableau is expecting it in YYYY-MM-DD format.  So, if I change the parameter so that it is in the following format, it works like a charm.tableau format.jpg