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    SAS vs Tableau and a petabyte of data?

    Michael Cristiani

      Loved ones,


      Today Rupert Stechman III tweeted about crunching a petabyte of data on an 8GB Mac using Tableau inside a Windows VM (VMWare).  Anyone want to try this using PC SAS?  It would be interesting. Tim, Robert, Brad, anyone?


      On being a Data Scientist-- How to analyze a Petabyte of data on a laptop (The Crust).http://x10ba.blogspot.com/2013/02/on-being-data-scientist-how-to-analyze_17.html @tableau@tableaudatanerd

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          Cristian Vasile


          Sorry to spoil the party but in this case are only 22.9 Gbytes.






          The ingredients

          System: MAC Laptop, 2.3 GHZ, Intel Core i7; 8GB, 1600 MHZ DDR3, OSX 10.8.2; 250GB storage, VMWare Fusion running Tableau Version8 (which is in beta)

          Data: 22.9 GBs (24,642,014,573 bytes), 413,928,565 rows and 59 Characters per row-- not including nulls or delimiters