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    Beginning and Ending Balance

    Joefer Tingson

      Hi Everyone,


      I would like to seek for your advice on how to get the available balance in Tableau. The Scenario is this.


      1. Customer opens an account in the bank and made an initial deposit let say 1000 USD

      2. After some time the customer decided to withdraw a certain amount let say 10. So the available balance is 990.

      3. Then on the next day the customer deposited 100. So the available balance is 1090


      Is it possible to achieve something like the table below?

      Account Number
      Available Balance
      Transaction Type
      Transaction Amount





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          Assuming that you want to calculate the available balance from transactions, with data structured like that, you can use table calculations to do it.

          Attached is the mocked-up data sample and a workbook showing how it can be done. The tricky part is to partition the table calculation (check how it is in the workbook), especially if data contains multiple accounts and overlapping periods.

          I included some explanatory comments in the calculated field formulae. As for partitioning - it is too complicated to explain in one post, but there are some helpful resources on the forum that talk about it (shout if you need help).