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    Looking for a Venn Diagram on Dashboards (ver 7.0 or even 8.0 would do) e.g., five big circles on dashboards with about 9 data elements in those intersections. Any good work around please?

    Murali Govindu

      Hi, I am struck at the Venn Diagram as explained in the subject line.  I am trying to get about 5 circles with intersections displaying the data.  I know that there is nothing seeded or out of box from Tableau but is there any good work around to get there? 


      The only solution I foresee is to have an image of these circles the way it should looks like on the sheet and bring it to the dashboard with several others sheets under floating but this doesn't server the purpose.


      I would be glad if anyone of you can come back with some indication - solution which I needed the most now.


      Thanking you,