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    Dashboard Actions - Accumulation of "Sets" when creating and re-creating actions.

    John Sobczak

      I am a big believer and intense user of dashboard actions.  However I have noticed a few challenges with using them to unlimited fashion.  First it appears using them causes an accumulation of the corresponding "sets" that increase beyond manageable inventory or understanding.  It is hard to decipher or distinguish these sets with the endless defined parsed fields.  I suspect many of these sets are ether obsoleted or duplicates generated by redefining or replacing existing dashboard actions. 


      Is there a way to purge the duplicate sets or sets no longer tied to actions?


      Second,  very often I notice when using a common target sheet report for multiple source sheets in my actions that a stray "set" gets left in my filter shelf on the target report sheet which prevents subequent actions from working properly - yielding in most cases a blank report.  To correct this I just remove all sets from the filter shelf (as I have no sets created outside those that are genereated by the actions) and this corrects the problem. 


      What I'm wondering is what caused the stray problem set to be put/left in the filter shelf of the target sheet?  I'm genereally using the actions by select then exclude all upon exit.  I suspect it is due to not exiting the action gracefully such as with back arrow key.