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    Filtering using FILTERS from different sources

    Armando Ramirez

      I heard about a similar topic on v4.

      Im not sure if this was featured in v7 or v8...


      If I have 2 different sources with different levels of granularity instead.

      However, they share one same field with the same values


      By default, Tableau does not allow me to use one of them to filter the 2 sources...


      Any workarounds suggested or new functionality you might be aware of in more recent versions...



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          Jonathan Drummey

          I'm not sure whether your comment about not being able to filter the two sources is actually true...


          In Tableau v7, you can put that common field in the view, add a filter on the primary and it will also filter on the secondary. If the linking field is at a finer level of granularity than the desired view, then you can use either regular aggregates or table calculations to aggregate to the desired granularity.


          Tableau v8 removes the need for the linking field to be in the view and lets you filter on fields in the primary and secondary, and that can remove the need for table calculations.