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    I need to show new and trailing sales pipeline in a bar graph

    Colin Fowler

      Hi folks,


      I am a relatively new Tableau user and I am under a deadline to provide an important graph to some high level individuals at my organization. I hope that I can get some help in this forum. 


      I am struggling with creating a cumulative bar graph in Tableau that can show new plus trailing sales pipeline.  On the X Axis I have the week that a sales opportunity was created and on the Y Axis I have the Pipeline Revenue.  I can easily create the graph showing what the pipeline is for each week individually, but I need to show the new plus trailing pipeline as the weeks go on through the quarter. Further I need to differentiate between the New and Trailing Pipeline in the bar itself.


      Week 1 = Week 1 Rev

      Week 2 = Week 1 + Week 2 Rev

      Week 3 = Week 1 + Week 2 + Week 3 rev



      I know how to do this in Excel with relative ease, but in Tableau I am having trouble discovering how to do this.


      Thanks for any support that you can provide.