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    I can't start Tableau Server

    taremekedzwa machingambi



      I have freshly installed a trail version of Tableau 7 yesterday on a freshly installed windows 8 Enterprise, i was following the video tutorial, my server name was Domain\myaccount.hotmail.com and my password was myhotmailpassword as server login, i ticked open windows firewall and also ticked sample data, i chose Local Authentication, but unlike the video my browser did not launch to give me the option to configure the admin account please help?




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          Evan Alini


          I wouldn't expect a hotmail account to be a valid user on your Windows Domain.  Usually you have an administrator account or a master user that has access to your operating system, which is not going to be hotmail.  This must be a Windows OS administrator account running on that server box, preferably the one you used to login to the machine in the first place.  I've never installed on Windows 8 Enterprise, but check the notes on our supported systems page for Server just to be sure everything else you've configured is valid: