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    Permanent embedding of Password

    Jan van Eimern

      I have a workbook with extracts from an SQL server. The authentication towards the SQL server is via a username and password. If I type in the password and upload the workbook to Tableau server I can successfully schedule full refresh, but if I were to download this same workbook to my desktop and then republish it again the password is not valid for scheduled full refresh.  When I in tableau desktop go to server, publish workbook, Scheduling and authentication: Authentication is set to embedded password and the password is filled in (*******). It is first when I click Ok that Tableau Desktop asks me for the password.


      There is a big risk that Workbooks are republished without warning the user that the password is no longer embedded. Is it somehow possible to permanently embed a password to a workbook, so that they can be republished without having the user to reenter the password?

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          Joshua Milligan



          I agree, it would be nicer if there was more of a warning.  I tend to get in the habit of always clicking the "Scheduling & Authentication" button (bottom left of the Publish Workbook dialog), because when you click OK on the Scheduling and Authentication screen Tableau will prompt for the embedded password if it doesn't already know it.