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    Discrete shade of a bar graph already quantifying another attribute on the y axis

    Alberto Rodriguez

      In the attached illustration,  I have plotted the Average predicted value of my statistical model against 10 buckets of one particular independent variable. 


      I then tried having each bar discretely shaded in by the percentage of actual predictions vs. non-predictions 0 vs. 1.  One specific color for 0s and another for 1s.  I played around with several options for a while but the tool kept creating separate average predicted value plots for 0 and 1.


      I tried to re-route my strategy and create a calculated variable, specifically what percent of each bucket was wins.  The only effective thing that could be done with this is a dual axis or color intensity for each bar for higher percentages.


      What I am trying to actually achieve is to split the bar for each bucket by the numbers of 0s vs 1s.  Displaying that on an axis is irrelevant.  I want to be able to visually see it.  For example for the first bucket $(559) - $49.99 , if the number of 1s is 75% of the total i want 75% of the bar shaded one color and the other 25% another color without any changes to the y axis (Avg. p).


      Avg. P is the average probability of being a 1 as determined by the statistical model.  So my goal here is to show, of that total bar size, what portion of it (graphically) was an actual 1.