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    Using table calcs to aggregate the concatenation of parent/child rows

    Julie Sok

      I am working on a project which examines the relationship between parents' giving and their child's admittance (e.g. giving pre/post-admittance) . I am running into problems in cases where the parent has more than one child admitted. In the workbook attached, the parents each have 3 or more children admitted. In cases of multiple children attending we want to use the min and max admittance years. We want to look at giving prior to the first admittance, giving in-between the first admittance and the last admittance, and giving after the last admittance. I am using a calc which rolls the child's record at the parent level: PREVIOUS_VALUE("") + IIF(INDEX()==1, "", ", ") + ATTR([Applicant Year]) as defined by Richard Leeke (http://community.tableau.com/message/180139#180139). However, once I get to the point of aggregating total giving across 'string FY' I'm left with an overlapping text problem that I can't seem to solve through a table calc.