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    The serever issued too many redirections

    siva irigineni

      tabcmd login -s http://host:port -u admin -p password




      •i had Replace with http://host:port withmy specific hostname and port.

      •i had replace with the admin username and password password with a valid Tableau server username and password for someone who has publishing rights.



      C:\Program Files (x86)\Tableau\Tableau Server\7.0\bin>tabcmd login -s http://tableauserver:80 -u admin -p password



      ===== Creating new session

      ===== Server: http://tableauserver:80

      ===== Username: admin

      ===== Connecting to server...

        ***** The serever issued too many redirections




      i had run this command in tableserver command line utility.

      i am getting the following error["The serever issued too many redirections"]