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    Issue with Sorting

    Ajit Kumar




      I have created a Bar chart with 2011 full year, 2012
      discrete month number and YTD 2012.


      In order to bring 2011 full year number with 2012 discrete month number and YTD 2012, I have created a calculated field called ‘DATE’. Now when I am creating a Bar chart with Country and the Date (calculated field) field and sorted the Date field on Datekey with the aggregation Minimum.



      The problem I am facing here is After Jan-12, YTD -12 is coming. Actually YTD-12 should have come at last. 



      The desire result is of sorting is 2011, Jan-12, Fab-12, March-12…………………………….YTD-12.

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Your YTD-12 has a DateKey of 1/1/12, so it's sorting next to Jan-12 which also has a DateKey of 1/1/12. There are a couple of options I can think of. One would be to do a manual sort on your Date field, the other would be to create another calculated field what would return a date order that would sort properly, like setting a value of 12/31/12 for the YTD-12.