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    Adding a multiple dimensions to the columns shelf without creating subcategories

    Michael Olson

      I'm trying to add multiple dimensions to the columns shelf and I don't want them to create subcategory.  I want each dimension to be a stand alone category.


      I have the following dimensions I want to put on the columns shelf:

      Ethnicity: Asian, Black, Indian, Pacific Islander, Not Indicated, Two or More, White

      LEP: Yes, No

      SPED: Yes, No

      ECO: Yes, No


      When I put each of these on the columns shelf, I get a column for every combination of the above.  I don't need the combinations of category;  I just need them to stand alone like they would in excel.  I can do this by creating custom tables in SPSS but I know longer own a license for SPSS and I'm hoping Tableau can do this.


      Thank you in advance for any help!