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    Trying to create a monthly difference row

    Dennis Kim

      Hi Tableau Pros,


      I'm trying to create a separate row independent of my values that lists the current month - previous month difference.  I've create a table calculation by right clicing on the values, but I cannot show it as a separate line item.


      Additionally, I'd like to compute the 3 month moving average underneath this row.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Hi Dennis, there are probably better ways to post an image to these forums than to paste it in an Excel spread sheet. [But this is something my wife would absolutely do! So I understand the mentality.] It looks as if your data is sensitive, so might you be able to use the Super Store data to mock up something similar to what you're trying to accomplish? Doing current month minus previous month can be easily done, but there are lots of factors in play. Hope to hear back from you.