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    Trying to run table calculation (running sum) before applying date filter

    Daniel Spohn

      I'm attempting to build a running total area chart, and have the running totals calculated before the date filter is applied. The reason I want to do this, is because I want to see the running total for the entire history of the data, not just what is currently showing on the chart.


      I have found that I can accomplish the task (thanks to these forums) of having the table calculation complete first and then filtering on the Date, by creating a Table Calculation for the date like: LOOKUP(MAX([Order Date]),0) . This appears to work properly calculating the data and allow me to filter on the date. However when I attempt to show this in an area chart the data is not stacked properly all the way through the area chart. I've attached a sample of the issue I'm seeing. It's on Sheet 1.




      Dan Spohn