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    Changed DNS record but now tableau doesnt work

    Ryan Kelley

      I have setup my tableau server and it has been working fine. However, I now need to enable SSL on the server, and I have a wildcard SSL certificate that lives under a subdomain (*.cloud.mydomain.com)


      However, all urls under that wildcard first go to an IIS cluster, because most of those subdomains are multi-tenant application requests. I setup an IIS rewrite rule to forward all requests to (tableau.cloud.mydomain.com) to it's IP address.


      This part works fine, the request is forwarded on and IIS is happy and dumb.


      Tableau Server however, does not like this at all, I just get the following screentableauerror.jpg


      Any clue what I am missing here? DNS is all setup correctly, IIS is doing its hand off properly as far as I can tell. Tableau just doesn't like me today.