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    How do I filter full state names using state abbreviations?


      I have several sources of data in several databases that I'm using in one tableau file.  One of my data sources (StateRankings) has state names as the full name of the state.  Another (ITdetails) has state names as the state's abbreviation.  I want to be able to click on a state in one dashboard that uses StateRankings and have it pass the state through to a dashboard using ITdetails. 


      In order to map the state abbreviations to the state names, I have an intermediary table (StateMapping) that has both State Names and State abbreviations.  I set up the database relationships between StateRankings and StateMapping on the full state name, as well as a relationship between ITdetails and StateMapping on the state abbreviation.  I also set up a dashboard action on my first dashboard so that when I click on a State it passes the State name through to my second dashboard.


      Unfortunately, while the dashboard action works correctly, Tableau does not recognize that when I click "California" on my first dashboard that I want it to filter to "CA" on my second dashboard.  Right now when I do this, everything disappears because "California" is not in my list of state abbreviations. 

      While it seems like in the past changing the state abbreviations to geocode type State Abbreviations might have solved this.  In Tableau Version 7.0 though, I only have the option to geocode each as the state name, which they are.  Adding the state abbreviations to StateRankings would solve this issue, but unfortunately I do not have access to edit any of the data.


      Can someone tell me what I have to do to get the State Name to filter the State Abbreviation? Thanks