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    Mixing aggregate and calculations on tables

    Diane Tracy

      My end users have requirement to see the measures as shown, but rather than the aggregate data for the column Last week.  The want to see the difference from current week - last week.  Using the difference feature it does this for all columns and they don't want that.

      I tried calculating a field for current week and one for last week that a third calculated subtracting the two, it does not know the values and that did not work.  The table to the right is one generated from another worksheet as a way to demonstrate the data wanted in the column called Last week.  Any help would be appreciated.


      table 1.png

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Diane,


          Sorry for the delay on response on this one. One way you can do this is to create a calculated field for each of the Week Statuses, not just the Current and Last Weeks. Then, create a calculated field that will find the difference. You'll have to remove the "Week Status" dimension from the view for it to be recognized.


          Hope this helps!