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    Custom Quick Filter with Cube Dimensions


      I'm trying to modify/create a custom Quick Filter, based on existing dimensions.


      The "Company" cube dimension contains all companies within the organization.  The "Top Performers" dimension also contains all companies, but includes the filter allowing selection of those companies that have met certain performance goals, using the Filter options of "(All), Top Tier, Not Top Tier."


      Currently, creating a QuickFilter of the "Top Performers" cube dimension correctly allows me to view the data by "Top Tier Companies", "Not Top Tier Companies", or both together.  So far, so good...


      However, I need to modify this behavior so that when I select only the "Top Tier Companies" from the QuickFilter, my data will not only show those companies, but also one of the other "Not Top Tier" companies alongside them (I know which company I need to include with the top performers, so no additional wrangling is needed to determine that). 


      The purpose of this is to allow a manager whose company is at a lower tier to look at her performance data alongside the top performers.  I've tried various things, but to no avail.


      Thanks in advance for any insight you may be able to provide.