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    Custom Reference Line with percent of total

    Elizabeth Coleman

      Is it possible to create a reference line that shows if the total dollars shipped expedited exceeded 80% of total spend on all shipments in a month/year?   Here is a sample of my data:


      Total SpendExpedited/StandardTypeFiscal Month
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          The logic your are proposing for such reference line sounds like it could only be a Yes/No (Boolean) result. The expedited shipping cost either exceeded 80% of total shipping or it did not.

          I can't think of a reference line showing Yes/No.

          But if you just wanted reference line to show the 80% of total shipping cost that can be used as a benchmark for comparing shipping method costs, then it is quite easy - just build your graph, then add a reference line but choose distribution -> percentages instead, and set it to a single 80%.

          See image below for an example using Superstore sample data, with the important bits highlighted.


          80% total reference line.png