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    Display Column Name on Hover-Over on cross-tab


      Hi everyone,


      I'm seeing inconsistent behavior on the hover-over displaying a column name on the cross-tab style reports.  In the desktop version, hovering over any of the column headers shows a pop up of the column name,  But on the Server version of the same report, it only works for some columns and not others.


      It seems like attributes in the "Rows" shelf are not showing the hover-over, but attributes in the "Columns" shelf are showing the header.


      Is there anyway I can get it consistent so that however over on the column name always show it?


      Just the explain why, some of the column names are longer than the field length so they are getting truncated and the hover over effect allows the user to see the full name. 


      Also, is the any way to add comments so that users can get additional details when hovering over? I started writing comments in the desktop version, but those comments only show up in the Fact & Dimension areas but not in the report itself or in the server edition.