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    Calculation Parameters


      Hi All,




      I have 3 metrics B,C and D. If radio button is selected as YES, then we would take the values from one table for that metrics, else from another table.




      Also the rev column calculation needs to be calculated from the metrics column selected.




      The final output needs to be the following columns




      A    B    C    D       Rev




      How do I create a calculated field that takes values that are displayed based on checkbox and come up with a calculation that does


      Rev = A*B*C*D where BCD are parameters



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          Joshua Milligan



          Somehow you will need to join or blend the tables.  Then, I think your calculation would look something like this:


          A *

          (IF B_CheckBox THEN B_From_Tbl_1 ELSE B_From_Tbl_2 END) *

          (IF C_CheckBox THEN C_From_Tbl_1 ELSE C_From_Tbl_2 END) *

          (IF D_CheckBox THEN D_From_Tbl_1 ELSE D_From_Tbl_2 END)


          Hope that helps!