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    QT: Broken Idea Links.

    Shawn Wallwork

      Forum Readers: Here's a tip for newcomers (and the uninitiated) when someone posts a link to an Idea in these forums there is a good chance the link will be broken. This is because Jive is duplicating the address:



      So if you delete the first half of that address you can then get to the Idea page being referenced. Note this only happens for Ideas, not links to any other parts of the forums (as far as I know).


      Forum Posters: There are currently two work-arounds that I know of: 1 - Switch to HTML and paste your link there (this is Alex's discovery), 2 - Switch to the All Content tab, search for your Idea (hopefully find it) and then use the search results to link to the Idea. Alex's way is easiest, but best done before writing a long post with format changes, especially if you don't read HTML.


      I am told this issue is being worked on, but in the meantime I hope this helps everyone navigate these forums with a bit less friction.