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    Calculated Quick Filter

    John Doe

      The attached sample Excel sheet contains the underlying data.

      I need to be able to view the Funding amount over the Fiscal Years via a quick filter that allows me to show funding with and without the Flag.


      To elaborate, I need to be able to dynamically switch  between showing Funding that includes values of "N" and "Null" combined with "Y" values

      and a separate option for showing just "N" and "Null" values across fiscal years.

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          Joshua Milligan



          There are probably dozens of ways to solve this.  The easiest would just be a multiple value quick filter that would allow for any combination of flag values -- but maybe that allows for combinations you want to dis-allow?


          Here's a workbook that uses two parameters and a calculated field.  One lets you specify whether to include records without a flag value and the other lets you specify the value of "Yes" or "No".  The calculated field used as a filter performs the logic to determine which ones should be shown based on the parameter selections.


          Hope this helps!