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    Unexpected Server error

    Rob Bisaillon

      Any ideas on what is causing the following errors in tableau server

      Unexpected Server Error: An error occurred communicating with the server (12030)

      Unexpected Server Error: An error occurred communicating with the server (12152)

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Rob,


          The second error (12152) comes from the Windows operating system and is typically encountered when a firewall or other network element blocks HTTP traffic.  A good article that describes the error in detail is linked below.


          We only have record of the first error (12030) in our case history once and it appears to be related to firewalls or the environment. If you are still unable to resolve either or both of these errors, you can submit a support ticket to support@tableausoftware.com.


          Hope this helps!



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            We had the 12152 error on our server after an upgrade and moving the web applicaiton processes to the worker.


            Following the Knowledgebase article titled "web proxy and firewall settings" (http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/web-proxy-and-firewall-settings) seemed to resolved our issue. But it seems to take some time to see the issue resolved.


            Immediately after the change, all maps on the workbooks do not show. 10 to 15 minutes after the change, it is very weird that some maps show up but not the others. After the weekend, it seems all maps show up properly...

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              Pallavi B



              We are facing this issue in our Projects/Dashboards while changing the filters or drilling
              down/drilling up or navigating from one tab to the other. We are getting this
              error frequently and users didn't like to see this message. Could you please
              help us resolve? Below are few items we checked.


              1. No windows fire wall on the server
              2. Quality of network connection good : Tested where the network speed is 15 mbps
              3. Observed that this error is coming after finishing 5 min.s of reprot run
              4. Data source is : SQL Server R2
              5. Used Complex formulas in the report. No hierarchies.
              6. IE 9


              Please suggest.