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    no licensee  found

    Xiaodong Han

      Trying to install Tableau server and get error message "No Licensee Found".  I'm using the key from the portal (Copy andd pasted).  Called Tableau, no one in customer support, the only thing you can do is leave a message.  Did that, 1 hour ago, no one answered, sent email a hour gao, no answer.


      Called in again, pick the "Sales". there is a life person.  He tried to help, but didn't solve the problem.  I'm still waiting...


      Cannot believe how Tableau handle customer support.  For the fun of it, call tableau,  try x3 and listen.....

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Xiaodong,


          This issue is typically resolved by following the steps listed below:

          1. Verify the date and time on the system clock is accurate. If the system clock is set to a date earlier than the product key's start date, Tableau Desktop cannot be activated.

          2. Verify the FLEXnet Licensing Service is started in the Services Console.

          -- Go to Start > Run and type in: services.msc

          -- Verify that FLEXnet Licensing Service is listed as 'Started' on the machine.

          -- If it is not listed as 'Started', please right click on it and select 'Start'

          3. Repair the trusted storage where the activation is saved by following the instructions below:

               a. Download and extract the utility from this web page:


               b. Run the following in a command window where the activation utility is located:

          custactutil -localrepair

             c. Start Tableau.

          If the above steps do not resolve the issue, please send the following information to support@tableausoftware.com:

          1. The file resulting from the following command:

          custactutil -view > LicResults.txt

          This last command will create a file called LicResults.txt in the same directory that the utility files were extracted to. Please send in the file, or a screen shot of the command window showing the results, as a response to this email for further review.

          2. Screen shot of the error message, including the 'Show Details' information (if available)

          3. Log files

          (see http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/knowledge-base/sending-tableau-desktop-log-files for instructions on bundling and sending the log files)


          I can understand and apologize for your frustration. However,  I do want to shed some light on the support process. At this time, Tableau does not use a call in support hotline, this is so that our technicians can get a better idea of the situation and handle it appropriately before talking with the customer. It also ensures that someone with the appropriate level of expertise is able to help, as we have many technicians with specialties in different areas. Most of our cases are submitted via email to support@tableausoftware.com, online (http://www.tableausoftware.com/support/request) or through the customer portal. Cases are then answered in a first come, first served basis. Support is currently offered 24/5 so you should receive a response within 24 hours of the submitted ticket (assuming it is not submitted on a Friday night or Saturday).


          Hope this helps!