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    Tableau 7.0.12 and 6.1.12 Available

    Erin Easter

      Tableau 7.0.12 is now available to everyone with current maintenance. You can download it from the Customer Account Center.

      This release includes an important security patch for Tableau Server. The patch addresses multiple vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails code, an open source web development framework that is a component of the Tableau Server architecture.


      Tableau strongly recommends upgrading to Tableau Server version 7.0.12 as soon as possible. For a detailed description of the vulnerabilities, visit the Ruby on Rails website: http://weblog.rubyonrails.org.


      This release also contains new features and corrections in both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. See a list of changes on the Release Notes page.


      Also available is Tableau Server 6.1.12. You can download it from the Alternate Download Site. The only change in this release was for the above mentioned security patch. No other changes were made for this release. Information about this release can also be found on the Release Notes page.

      If you have any questions about this upgrade please contact Customer Service.