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    iPad - when Filter property "Compact mode" selected, filter not searchable

    Mary Rani

      Hi All,


      Please consider this as very high priority and kindly let us know the resolution if any.


      The issue seen is:


      In Tableau Desktop, using the Superstore sales example, A worksheet is created with Customer Name, State in rows and columns. A filter is added for customer name. After the filter is seen in the top right corner, the drop down is clicked and the option "Compact List" is selected. The workbook is saved and published to Tableau Server.


      When the worksheet is accessed from Tableau Server in iPad, there is a symbol like magnifying glass. When we click on that, the filter text area is editable and based on what we enter, there will be a pop-down list. From this, we can select the option.


      This is working fine as expected, in desktop. However, this is not the same in iPad. When I change my page to use "compact", the field itself is clickable on ipad and a pop-up interface is seen.  In that pop-up, I can select an option, but I cannot enter text to filter/search the option.


      Kindly help me regarding this as our customer is very much disappointed by this.


      I have attached the workbook for reference.