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    calculated fields to be subject to different ranges of date filter

    Yigang Chen


      I am facing a situation where I have two calculated fields, both are controlled by the same date filter but need to be subject to different ranges.


      To simply the matter, let's say the data source is a database table of two months sales, [sales_date, number_item_sold].


      I am to display percentages of monthly sales, i.e., (monthly sale) / (total sale)


      I created two calculated fields, monthly_sale to sum sales within month, and total_sale to sum sales over the two months. However, the formula of both fields is the same SUM([number_item_sold]),if I put sales_date in the Filters shelf, both [monthly_sale] and [total_sale] are subject to the same date range and return the same value.


      Is there a way to calculate total_sale over the entire sales date range while calculating monthly_sale within months as filtered by sales_date?


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