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    Fit Width Mode Question

    KC Gordon

      I have a box with too much data to view it in "Entire View", but when I switch to any of the other views, the data in the box is too large (the rows become too wide).  See attached for 2 images....basically i want to view in "Fit Width" but with more rows than are viewable in the "Fit Width" mode and less than in "Entire View" mode.  I want to make my scroll bar smaller. Any suggestions?

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          Shawn Wallwork

          KC, you can adjust the height of the grabbing a row divider in the header area and moving it up or down. If you move your mouse around in the yellow area:


          ... you'll get an up-down cursor. [The grey lines in the chart don't give you control over height. I know it's a bit counter-intuitive.]