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    Limiting Action Filters to firing only on certain values

    Reginald Green

      Hi Everyone,


      In order to reduce cluttering in my bar chart, I have created an Other bar that serves to roll-up dimension entries with very small values.


      Is it possible to create an Action filter, which fires only when the user clicks on Other bar; therefore showing the underlying dimension values that make up Other in another worksheet? At the moment my chart is showing the details of Other when I click on any bar including Other.





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          Joshua Milligan



          There are probably several different ways to come to a solution on this, though specifically, you cannot limit an action to only a single value of a dimension. 


          The possibility that comes to my mind is to have a sheet included in the dashboard that shows the details and has a filter based on a calculated field that is only true when "Other" is the filter value.  That sheet would only display when "Other" is selected.  I'm sure there are other approaches that would work too.


          If you can post a packaged workbook (with dummy data if security is a concern), then I'm certain the ideas will flow from many here in the forums.