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    Tableau won't load on website

    Jon Takiff

      Hi folks,


      I am developing a learning application for a client, who has requested an embedded tableau on one of the slides of the activity.  The tableau seems to work ok on chrome and safari, but not on firefox. The project loads partially but then gets stuck on the loading gif. This project uses a framework which I suspect may be causing problems, but I'm not quite sure how to troubleshoot.


      This can be viewed on line in the link below..in order to see the tableau, you'll need to click "What are the effects of being uninsured" after the begin button, and then clicking the next arrow once slide 17 appears.  On slide 18 the tableau is supposed to load.  You may notice there isn't quite enough room in this presentation to fit all the content, however I've redone the project offline to create room for the content, but it still won't load in firefox. Any ideas? Thanks very much.